URGENT:  Scammers Targeting Sponsors


URGENT:  Scammers Targeting Sponsors

First off let me thank you all of our sponsors again for supporting Florida Dreamin' in our inaugural year.  We could not do this without them.  

As is common in this day and age individuals of questionable intent will use any available information to attempt to scam businesses and individuals out of their information or money.  

We were recently notified by one of our amazing sponsors that individuals have been targeting our sponsors with claims that they are attempting to help setup hotel arrangements.  Firstly, our hotel would never reach out to you directly to setup hotel arrangements.  You can do this using the link we provide on our site and here.  Second, we do not use volunteers or anyone outside our Event Planning Team to reach out to or directly communicate with our sponsors. 

Do not accept calls from 888-511-7396, it is a known scam number as noted here and has been used to make calls like those in the below voicemail transcript below (sorry for formatting).

"Hi, this is Scott Anderson Consulting you for the Florida dreaming. So this November 1st in Orlando is going to be one of the sponsors and right now we're doing the final settles for the show here. So I need to get in touch with your events personal. If you can please have your event organizers. So coordinator. Give us a call back at 888-8511. Seven one more time. Sorry about it. I'll give you I'll give you one direct phone number is going to be 888-511-7396. It's going to be Scott Anderson for the for the dream."

Again, I cannot thank our sponsors enough for their support of our mission and our event.  I apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We do not provide direct sponsor contact information on our site but that won't stop these unscrupulous criminals from attempting to contact you.  


Shane Jay Hayes
Florida Dreamin', Founder

Shane Hayes