Am I on Mute?

Melissa Hill Dees

Melissa Hill Dees

"Am I on Mute?" with Melissa Hill Dees


“Am I on Mute" is an interactive presentation that shares the successes of a woman in tech speaking out, speaking up, and recruiting allies. 80% of the workforce in nonprofits is female; however, as in tech, their voices are often muted. There are solutions for equality and inclusion--let’s find them together via discussion and action.

How can we as women be more intentional about leaving our microphone on and asking our allies to help us be heard? "Am I on Mute?" gives practical and anecdotal advice and solutions on how to give up your mute button. For good. And make all the diverse voices heard!


Integrator. Collaborator. Innovator. Helping clients do more good is what gets me out of bed every morning. A Salesforce fan since 2008, I advocated to become an #accidentaladmin in 2011 and now I have the #dreamjob--working with HandsOn Connect! Twice certified, I love to create solutions for NGOs to make their lives easier and their work more effective. I will travel anywhere and love to learn, particularly if it’s Trailhead. Life is short; do what you love!

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