Music Teacher to Salesforce Admin. How’d that happen?

Sandi Zellner

Sandi Zellner

"Music Teacher to Salesforce Admin. How’d that happen?" with Sandi Zellner


Join me for an  introductory session on how anyone can build a successful career in technology even if you have never been involved with tech before. By utilizing the Trailhead learning tool, a person can learn the Salesforce skills needed to build a career within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Hear my own experience of changing careers with an introduction to the Trailhead system and how to navigate through signing up, navigating through the choices of modules and projects, using Trailmixes to guide the way, the basic structure of each unit/module (intro, information and hands on exercises, challenge), and of course, BADGES


Sandi Zellner, a Salesforce professional with four certifications and over 420 Trailhead badges, currently works as the Salesforce Project Manager for ConnectOne Bank in Union, New Jersey. A classically trained musician and former public school music teacher, Sandi transformed her career into the Salesforce ecosystem in 2013 while volunteering for a Music Education not for profit organization. Her passion for education and learning led her to learn as much as possible about Salesforce and how the platform can transform business processes and provide an innovative, customer focused experience.

Recently, at the Salesforce World Tour in New York City in April 2018, Sandi was awarded the coveted #AwesomeAdmin Trailblazer award by Salesforce, a prize given at each Salesforce World Tour and at Dreamforce. These Salesforce Admins embody what it means to be an #AwesomeAdmin and a trailblazer. These people not only excel at their day jobs, but they take time to give back to the community and help others learn Salesforce.

In her spare time, Sandi is an active member of the Salesforce Trailblazer Community as a co-leader of the New York City Salesforce Community User Group, and is a speaker and panelist at Dreamforce, New York City World Tour, and other Trailblazer Community events.

Sandi’s passion for education continues to be an integral part of her professional and personal life and can be seen through her volunteer work with PepUpTech, Girl Develop It, and Trailhead for Education. Sandi sits on the board of the Rutgers University Cybersecurity Education program and is a mentor to the Salesforce Lab for Students at the Martin Tuchman School of Management of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. In the fall of 2018, Sandi is slated to teach a Salesforce Fundamentals course at the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University.

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