Introducing Lightning Bolt Solutions for Salesforce: An Overview and Demo


Introducing Lightning Bolt Solutions for Salesforce: An Overview and Demo with Phil Weinmeister


Brand new to the platform in Summer '18 is "Lightning Bolt Solutions." Sound familiar? That's because it has been a key part of delivering Community Cloud solutions for a few years. Now, that technology has expanded to cover a variety of solutions that may or may not include a community. Relevant to business admins, administrators, and developers, Lightning Bolt solutions will allow for a new level of marketing, presentation, and packaging associated with solutions on the platform. And these are not just for ISVs! Any solution that may be needed more than once is a suitable candidate for this powerful tool. I cover the main aspects and present a compelling demo of the tool (live). I'll also explain the difference between Lightning Bolt for communities and Lightning Bolt solutions in general. Join me!


Phil Weinmeister is the VP of Product Management at 7Summits, where he is focused on building innovative components, apps, and bolts that enable impactful, transformative communities on the Salesforce platform. He holds 18 Salesforce certifications and has delivered numerous Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and (primarily) Community Cloud solutions to a variety of organizations on Salesforce since 2010. Phil authored Practical Development Without Code (Apress, 2015) and received an average rating of almost 5 stars on He has been a Salesforce MVP since 2015 and, in 2017, was was named the first-ever "Community Cloud MVP" at the Lightning Bolt Trailblazer awards at Dreamforce. His second book, "Practical Guide to Salesforce Communities" was released in June 2018. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a double major in business administration/IT and Spanish, Phil now resides in Powder Springs, Georgia, USA. He spends most of his "free" time with his wife, Amy, and his children, Tariku, Sophie, Max, and Lyla. When he's not trying to make his kids laugh, cheering on the Arizona Cardinals, or rap-battling his wife, Phil enjoys traveling, playing various sports, and spending time in fellowship at his local church. Stay updated on Phil's most recent insights and blog posts by following him on Twitter (@PhilWeinmeister).

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