How to Automatically Calculate ROI for Your Lead Generation Efforts

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson

How to Automatically Calculate ROI for Your Lead Generation Efforts with Jon Robinson


In this session, Lunar’s president, Jon Robinson, and business development manager, Drew Whitcomb, will provide insight into how Lunar optimized Salesforce to leverage Salesforce custom objects to capture key marketing information from multiple touch points. Utilizing Salesforce native campaigns, Lunar developed a way to further attributions and ROI on custom objects like phone calls, form submissions, live chats and lead ad conversions. Lunar even developed a product, Shuttle, to connect multiple sources into a singular touch-point object.

In this session, Jon and Drew will also offer best-practices and tips for optimizing Salesforce marketing efforts by standardizing the format of data from multiple marketing mediums, allowing for marketers, admins and stakeholders to derive the necessary insights, such as campaign effectiveness, cost per lead, cost per opportunity, cost per closed deal, and overall campaign return on investment.


Jon Robinson is the president of Lunar, a technology-based business consulting and product development company focused on automating the sales and marketing process.  An entrepreneur at heart, Robinson has more than 15 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience, which guides his expertise in building businesses and growing companies to reach their highest potential. Prior to forming Lunar in 2017, Robinson led the Operations division as COO of Launch That, a digital marketing company recognized for building a network of highly successful businesses and websites, which ultimately became its own business unit as Lunar. Before joining the tech industry, Robinson achieved a successful exit from three restaurants he founded in Michigan.

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