Capstorm: Solutions for on-premises disaster recovery, migrations, sandbox seeding, multi-org data views, compliance, and enterprise backup management.

Capstorm believes that every Salesforce backup should be readily accessible and easily verifiable, so all solutions involve bringing Salesforce data into an on-premises relational database. All data is accessible for quick backup verification and useful for analytics/BI. Creating a Salesforce data warehouse is as simple as pointing the application towards a fresh database schema - table structure is automatically created and updated.

A Salesforce recovery solution should be tested prior to a data disaster! Data hierarchies can be quickly restored to Salesforce in clicks - no CSV’s or data loader needed. Nobody anticipates a production data disaster, but it is prudent to have a proven solution in place. The process to seed a sandbox is the same as the restore process for disaster recovery. Your businesses’ data is mission-critical and needs to be protected.

Enterprise Salesforce organization? 

Multiple production instances require enterprise level solutions. Backup management for 1 to 100’s of Salesforce orgs can be managed from a single application with centralized monitoring. The data and metadata from multiple instances can be compared and combined to form a central view database in order to achieve a 360 degree look into any business.

Shane Hayes