Cloudland Technologies

Our mission is to change the landscape of service delivery. We aim to empower businesses with the tools which they would need, to become more efficient and provide high-quality customer service.

Digital technologies are evolving faster than ever before. They are changing the face of business and companies need to evolve quickly or they’ll perish. According to a recent study, 89% of organizations consider adopting a digital strategy, however, only 44% have actually done it.

Throughout our journey, we’ve noticed that many products claim a lot of value but sadly more often their implementation falls short. Digital solution companies do more technical work than consulting, they implement technologies at a tactical level. Yet, it doesn’t align them with their clients’ business vision. They focus on day-to-day operational needs, but not enough on strategy or future vision. As a result, company culture and processes lack functional changes. Customers aren’t able to fully realize the benefits, hence fail to see the value from these solutions.

We want to change that.

Instead of plain technical work, we also provide consulting, to help customers address both tactical issues and long term growth using technology, specifically, by migrating customers to automation and cloud technologies.

Our goal is to align our clients’ digital strategy with their business vision and needs. This improves adoption and reduces expenses in delivery. It also shows customers the immediate value of their investment.

Are you ready to transform your organization to its core? Then let’s do it together!

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Shane Hayes