A Community Led Salesforce Event

established in 2018

Our Vision

We believe that there is a gap in Salesforce education when it comes to career pathing and guidance. We want to provide inspiration, coaching and guidance on how to truly blaze your own Salesforce trail. We want to focus on empowering the individual Salesforce Journey for each and every trailblazer. We want to provide deep content that helps translate that learning into true opportunity. We believe that as community leaders invested in our region it is our duty to empower the Trailblazer that call this region home. As a community we want to see opportunities, skill sets and demand increase for our Trailblazers here in Florida (and beyond). Our goal is to provide sessions, speakers and hand-on workshops that go beyond technical skills and products and really get into the skills that can make Trailblazers successful. We believe content on things like Moments of Truth, dealing with client adversity, crafting user stories, perfecting discovery sessions and more soft skills will really define our content and make it the year over year event choice for this unique experience.

Our Values

We believe that the most important part of our vision is empowerment. We strive to make every Trailblazer feel empowered, supported, encouraged and excited about their personal Salesforce Journey. We believe that building, fostering and promoting a sense of community is integral to our goal and we will be tying everything we do into this promotion of the Trailblazer community. We believe that sharing our personal stories with humility and humor will help us deliver relatable content that inspires our attendees


The Florida Dreamin' Team


Our Team

A deep passion for the Salesforce Ecosytem and a dedication to leading our communities has helped us to build an exceptional team of true Trailblazers.  We lead by example and educate with our hearts.


Shane Hayes

Florida Dreamin - Founder
Orlando Developer Group - Co-Founder/Organizer

Twitter: @shanejayhayes
Trailhead: trailhead.salesforce.com/me/shane
Day Job:  Sr. Manager, Client Solutions @ Fortimize


Kristin Hubbard

Tampa Community Group Leader

Twitter: @k_hub44
Trailhead: trailhead.salesforce.com/en/me/kristinhubbard
Day Job: Senior Consultant @ Ladd Partners

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Steve Harris

Marketing and Social Media
Daytona Beach Community Group Leader

Twitter: @stvharris33
Trailhead: trailhead.com/me/steveharris
Day Job: Salesforce Systems Manager @ Costa Del Mar

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Zach Baker

Technology and Volunteer Coordination
Orlando and Tampa Developer Group Co-Founder/Organizer

Twitter: @ZacharyTBaker
Trailhead: trailhead.salesforce.com/me/zach
Day Job:  Change Readiness and Management Consultant @ Silverline


Marc Lester

Jacksonville Community Group Leader

Twitter: @MarcJLester
Trailhead: trailhead.com/me/marclester
Day Job:  Salesforce Consultant @ Coastal Cloud 

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Danielle Laffey

Indianapolis Community Group Leader

Twitter: @daniellelaffey
Trailhead: trailhead.salesforce.com/en/me/daniellelaffey
Day Job: Solution Architect @  Silverline

MM Headshot MVP.png

Mike Martin

Indianapolis Community Group Leader

Twitter: @mikemartin__c
Trailhead: trailhead.com/me/mikemartin
Day Job: Chief Customer Officer @ 10K Advisors